Fiona Passey Osteopaths – 2017 in Blog Posts!

2017 has been another busy year for both of our practices. We welcomed our ‘Person Centred Counsellor’ Danielle Slammon to the team in the summer and have recently introduced a custom made orthotics service – our osteopath Rhys Bastable is qualified to diagnose problems such as flat feet/fallen arches and prescribe and make specialist insoles on site!

Whilst there have been many developments in Halesowen and Wombourne, we have also been busy online. Our blog provides a great platform for us to offer advice and give information on how our excellent team of natural health professionals can help to treat a wide range of illnesses and complaints. In 2017, we have covered a wide range of topics, from back and neck pain, to increasing confidence and managing stress levels.

Here are some of our blog highlights from the last 12 months.

RICE – recovering from injury

As most people will sprain or strain muscles or injure joints at some point, we published a blog on what to do when you sustain an injury. The long and short of it is that we recommend that people follow the acronym RICE – Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.


Back pain

We regularly treat patients who are suffering from back pain. With the pace of modern life so busy, back pain can be a normal part of life, however, in many cases, back problems respond well to treatment and settle down on their own. In other circumstances, the problems can be more serious, so in one blog post, we asked “What’s normal?” when it comes to back pain.

back pain

One common complaint that we treat is prolapsed or protruding discs, commonly referred to as ‘slipped discs’. The pain associated can be excruciating and can have a number of different causes, from general wear and tear on the back, to lifting a heavy weight. In a blog post, we explored some of the things that can contribute to disc problems and talked about how osteopathy can help.

With the pressures put on the body during pregnancy, many women suffer from back pain, however, in the weeks and months after the birth of their baby, new mothers spend a lot of time carrying, bending, lifting and twisting and these labour-intensive activities can put a lot of pressure on the spine and joints. We gave some advice for preventing back and joint pain after pregnancy.

How technology has become a pain in the neck

We increasingly see patients suffering from upper back, neck and shoulder pains and the causes are often linked to the use of mobile phones and other electronic devices. Many of us spend so much time looking at our phones that the repetitive movement of looking down and holding your head there for long periods of time can create a lot of tension in the muscles, resulting in ‘text neck’. On our blog, we talked about how text neck can be avoided and how osteopathy can help.

text neck


Modern life can put a lot of pressure on the body, but pressure on the mind can soon mount up too. From busy jobs and financial pressures to dealing with grief and big life events, there are so many things that can bring stress and anxiety.

Earlier this year, we gave out top three tips for managing stress levels, including embracing osteopathy, following breathing exercises and seeking professional help – recognising the negative effects that stress can have on your life can be the first step to starting to feel better.

At Fiona Passey Osteopaths, we provide a safe, non-judgemental space for patients to explore their thoughts and feelings and heal. Our team of counsellors provide a wide range of different treatment methods to suit each individual. If you need help at a time of crisis, feel low in confidence and self-esteem, suffer from anxiety or are having relationship problems, contacting us could be a really positive step towards helping you heal.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The whole team at Fiona Passey Osteopaths would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Thank you for your support in 2017.

Whether you are suffering from physical pain and discomfort, or mental health issues, if you are looking for help improving your quality of life, you can contact our team of natural health therapists.