January update from Rhys: Aspirations for 2018

Hi to all our lovely patients at Fiona Passey Osteopaths. As a special January update I wanted to share with you a little bit about my aspirations for the year both professionally and personally.

Rhys Bastable

I hope that this may provide a little inspiration for you, maybe give you a few ideas as to your yearly goals or even just get to know me as the practitioner a little better.

Well…. As we are already well into January its safe to say that my Dry January has been a success. Each year I aim to spend the first month without alcohol as a detox, then kick start in a little weight loss and get back on the fitness wagon. I always find that my motivation rises during this period and there appears more time at the weekend  to exercise.

Some of you may know that I compete in triathlons (a multisport event consisting of swimming, cycling and running). Last year saw me beat all expectations that I had, and therefore, this year the bar must go higher! It is my, let’s say, rather ambitious target to get onto the podium at one of the events that I enter this year…. no mean feat.  The training has started well with a solid base, and I am now looking forward to some brighter skies and less rain to get some faster workouts in. So, watch this space.

My main focus professionally this year is to build on the stunning reception we had to the FootBalance orthotics roll out last year. As you may know I supply and fit both Medical and sports orthotics and in March 2018 we will be releasing the new Medical orthotics range to most importantly upgrade materials in the orthotic for improved comfort. I am aiming to open up  free examination dates where our patients can have 15-minute slots to see if they need orthotics and discuss potential benefits. Feedback I’ve had off my patients has been that the sports orthotics have been beneficial to their performance and the medical orthotics have helped with postural compensations which can lead to hip, knee, foot and lower back pain.

Dates TBC Footbalance Orthoticsbut are likely to be Saturday mornings for inclusivity. I will be contacting you from mid February onwards with 2 fixed dates and appointment slots. I look forward to seeing you there, and please feel free to invite your friends and family.

So folks, I hope that 2018 treats you well and that you remain in good health, but you know where we are if things don’t go to plan.

All the Best

Rhys Bastable