Monthly Archives: May 2017

Top Three Tips for Managing Stress Levels

30 May, 2017

During our lives, we are all sure to come across things that cause stress. From busy jobs and juggling childcare, to financial pressure and illness, stress has become almost ingrained in modern society. The effect stress can have on the body can be profound, often being the source of many of the body’s ills, including…
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Relief for Cervicogenic Headaches

22 May, 2017

Cervicogenic headaches are related to the neck or cervical spine and present as a steady, non-throbbing pain at the back and base of the skull, sometimes extending downward into the neck and between the shoulder blades. Look out for the signs, such as tension in your neck or your upper back feeling stiff. Osteopathy can…
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Back Pain – What’s Normal?

02 May, 2017

Many people come to us with generalised back pain, not always knowing if the problem is minor or something more serious. But what clients are often surprised to hear, is that back pain can be a completely normal part of life – brought about by the busy and stressful lives that we lead. Unfortunately, just simply…
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