Footbalance Orthotics


  • Rhys Bastable

We offer customised footwear products that enhance performance, comfort and well-being. FootBalance products deliver the perfect fit and improved foot health and comfort to every individual customer. Our customisation process is fast and accurate and is based on superb customer service.

On your visit you will be accessed on your need for orthotics by standing on the podiscope (a visual representation of how your foot copes with weight bearing). Rhys will then interpret the results and explain them to you, as well as the effects it can have upon your body.

Once you are satisfied, Rhys can then prepare moulding your orthotics. Moulding takes as little as 30 seconds once the machine is heated and will allow you as the patient to try out the insole a few minutes later.

All FootBalance products come with a 30 day comfort guarantee, therefore if you are unsatisfied you can return them to practice for a full refund.

The foot is an integral part of the body, it is our first point of contact with the ground. If there is a lack of cohesion within that chain compensation can occur throughout the body (i.e. Back, hips knees and ankles).

It is with this principle that Rhys will look globally at the overall function of your body to maintain balance, reduce compensation and optimise function.

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