Integrated Health Consultation

Integrated health consultation

Our Integrated Health Practitioner

  • Julien Prosnier

What is an integrated health consultation and treatment?

Ailments people suffer from have in most cases several causes and are influenced by many factors (environmental, biochemical, physical, mental and emotional) . An integrated health consultation and treatment is an approach to health that seeks to identify those and then to address them using several therapeutic measures such as osteopathy, acupuncture, nutrition, oxygen therapy, cleanse...etc.

Your integrated health practitioner will use them as appropriate, on their own or in combination, to get the best results.

Your integrated health practitioner will design a specific health program tailored to you and will guide you through. You will receive treatment(s) but will also be encouraged to make lifestyle changes and follow certain recommendations.

Your integrated health practitioner uses osteopathy, acupuncture, dietetics, fasting, nutritional therapy, exercises, pH medicine, kinesiology, essential oils...and more.

What happens in a consultation?

  • Your practitioner will take a comprehensive lifestyle and medical health intake, looking at all your health issues, past and present as well as your lifestyle (diet, sleeping patterns, exercise regimes, stress...etc)
  • He will do an examination (which includes looking at your tongue/mouth and taking your pulse) to assess your state of health. Your practitioner uses various means of diagnosis taken from various medicines such as osteopathy, modern medicine, Chinese Medicine and kinesiology (you may bring a chaperone and a towel will be provided for your modesty, if not then please ask).
  • The diagnosis will be explained to you together with a treatment plan. At the next consultation, your practitioner will have established your health program with a plan of action for both himself and you!
  • Your practitioner will carry out the treatment once you have understood and agreed to the treatment and/or will give you advice ( on diet, exercise, hydrotherapy, posture and relaxation...etc)
  • It will be explained to you that it is normal to experience some discomfort after the treatment due to the changes occurring in your body but that you should notice following┬á this that you feel the benefit of the treatment.
  • Follow up consultations will then be arranged


During the follow up consultations your integrated health practitioner will proceed, with your agreement, to further treatment according to your treatment plan and an assessment of your progress which might include an examination.

The treatment part of the consultation may consist of one or some of the treatment modalities your integrated health practitioner uses ( osteopathy, acupuncture, dietetics, fasting, detox, nutritional therapy, exercise therapy, pH medicine, kinesiology, aromatherapy...and more). However it is important to note that a consultation may not always include a treatment as such. It may be a consultation to monitor your progress, make sure that you apply properly the recommendations given and to provide you with the support you need.

The integrated health consultation and treatment described briefly above can help many illnesses and we invite you to contact us to know more about it and to find out whether or not we can help you.


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