Winter Workout Tips – Staying Motivated and Staying Safe

20 Dec, 2018

In winter it’s easy to lose motivation when it comes to workouts. With temperatures dropping and the days at their shortest, it’s no surprise that a lot of the time, we would rather be nice and cosy in the house. Some people suffer from seasonal affective disorder, which makes it much harder to feel positive…
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Treating Frozen Shoulder

07 Dec, 2018

Adhesive capsulitis, or frozen shoulder, can be an extremely painful and debilitating condition. It causes stiffness and pain in the shoulder, reducing movement in the shoulder joint, or in some severe cases, prevents movement altogether. In most cases, the condition affects the non-dominant shoulder, but in 1 in 5 cases, it occurs in both shoulders.…
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Osteopathy and The Common Cold

05 Nov, 2018

The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, primarily affecting the nose, throat, sinuses and larynx. At this time of the year, as winter approaches, colds are very common, hence the name “the common cold”. Along with the shorter hours of day light and colder weather, suffering from a cold can…
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Making Sure You Get Quality Calories

02 Oct, 2018

Many of us consume more calories than we need. However, research shows that cutting down on the calories is not enough to be as healthy as possible. To help people to think more about the types of food that they eat, the British Nutrition Foundation has launched the concept of the “quality calorie”. Calories give…
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Why You Should Always Find Time in Your Busy Schedule for Regular Exercise

10 Sep, 2018

Inactivity is a global issue. A 2008 study by the World Health Organisation reported that 31% of adults across the world were not participating in enough physical activity on a regular basis. Not participating in regular exercise can put your overall health at risk and make you more susceptible to certain diseases. (more…)
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A Quick Guide to Your Osteopathy Consultation

01 Aug, 2018

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of osteopathic treatment but would like to find out more, we recommend arranging a osteopathy consultation. These sessions provide a perfect environment for new patients to familiarise themselves with an experienced osteopathic practitioner, understand the way that osteopathy works and how it can improve issues with pain…
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