Monthly Archives: July 2017

Using Osteopathy to Treat Work Related Musculoskeletal Disorders

26 Jul, 2017

Although the workplace might seem like a harmless environment, there are usually many things that impact the health of your staff and risk causing a work related musculoskeletal disorder.   Naturally, the health and wellbeing of your staff will be of the upmost priority and you will do everything within your power to keep them…
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Counselling for confidence

17 Jul, 2017

Are you lacking confidence?  Do you feel low self worth?  Having low self worth can sometimes affect your decisions in life. It could be that you have taken others opinions and advice over listening to your own gut instinct, in order to win their approval or fit in. As social beings, we want to be…
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Seasonal allergy relief

06 Jul, 2017

Summer is a time when our health could do with a boost and you may be suffering with a seasonal allergy…. If so homeopathy can help. Seasonal allergies such as "hay fever" or "seasonal allergic rhinitis" are allergic conditions which occur during certain times of the year, usually when outdoor moulds release their spores, and…
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