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Making Sure You Get Quality Calories

02 Oct, 2018

Many of us consume more calories than we need. However, research shows that cutting down on the calories is not enough to be as healthy as possible. To help people to think more about the types of food that they eat, the British Nutrition Foundation has launched the concept of the “quality calorie”. Calories give…
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A Quick Guide to Your Osteopathy Consultation

01 Aug, 2018

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of osteopathic treatment but would like to find out more, we recommend arranging a osteopathy consultation. These sessions provide a perfect environment for new patients to familiarise themselves with an experienced osteopathic practitioner, understand the way that osteopathy works and how it can improve issues with pain…
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Osteopathy: Post-Season Benefits for Sportspeople

25 May, 2018

The competitive season has drawn to a close for most players of popular team sports such as football, rugby and hockey – with focus now switching to preparation for the next campaign. For those carrying injury or strains after a long season, the summer break provides the perfect opportunity to rest and rehabilitate and overcome…
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Couples Counselling

19 Feb, 2018

Do you feel disconnected within your intimate relationship? All marriages/partnerships go through difficult and testing times. Life events such as having children, moving home, bereavement and affairs, can all fuel added pressure.   Couples counselling helps within these testing times by looking at negative patterns and promoting  healthier alternatives by addressing, 'What can you do for…
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Custom made orthotics

29 Nov, 2017

Do your suffer from foot, ankle, shin, hip or back pain? One of the main causes of these symptoms are flat feet/fallen arches. The most effective way to treat this is through orthotics, the way this works is that a custom made insole can retrain the muscles in your foot to perform their job more efficiently…
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Warding Off Winter Aches and Pains

31 Oct, 2017

Winter is certainly on its way and with the clocks changing at the end of October, the days will get shorter and the weather will get decidedly colder. Here we offer some useful tips for staying healthy and warding off aches and pains during the long winter months ahead: Boost your diet Maintaining a good…
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