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What to Do When You Sustain an Injury

26 Sep, 2017

Most of us will sprain or strain muscles and joints at some point, but it’s what you do when it happens that matters. While it might be tempting to just carry on regardless, taking the time to react appropriately can save you hurting yourself even more. In addition, not all sprains and strains hurt straight…
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Staying Fit and Healthy and Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

22 Dec, 2016

For most people, Christmas is a time for enjoying the different foods and drinks on offer, along with celebrating and relaxing with your family. However, many of us also have a tendency to overindulge and neglect our exercise routines for a few days, so it’s no surprise that one of the most common New Year’s…
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How To Treat Tennis Elbow

14 Sep, 2016

Tennis elbow or golfers elbow refers to a very painful condition around the outside and inside of the elbow respectively. Patients suffering from this injury may find that the pain is often severe and although usually localised to the elbow, can spread to the forearm and wrist. The pain is caused by repetitive micro trauma of…
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Osteopathy for Sports Injuries

24 Nov, 2014

Whether you are a professional athlete, play sports for recreation, or just enjoy keeping fit, sports injuries can occur to anyone at any time. There are a number of elements that could cause sports injuries, including not warming up or down properly, playing too hard and too often (like many professionals), or even by wearing…
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