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Staying Fit and Healthy and Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

22 Dec, 2016

For most people, Christmas is a time for enjoying the different foods and drinks on offer, along with celebrating and relaxing with your family. However, many of us also have a tendency to overindulge and neglect our exercise routines for a few days, so it’s no surprise that one of the most common New Year’s…
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Why Weight Training Isn’t Just For Men

28 Sep, 2016

Weight bearing and weight resisted exercises are amongst the best for keeping the bones and muscles strong and in good health. Weight bearing exercises include those where the body supports its own weight, for example, running or walking, whereas weight resisted exercises involve pushing or pulling against more weight, such as lifting a dumbbell, barbell,…
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How Can an Osteopath Help You To Run a Marathon?

19 Apr, 2016

With the 2016 London Marathon taking place on Sunday 24th April, running is on the minds of people all over the country as they make their final preparations to take part in the race. There is no doubt that running a marathon is a huge athletic feat, so making the right preparations, training properly and…
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Osteopathy – Prevention Versus The Cure

29 Feb, 2016

“Prevention is better than the cure” is a commonly spoken mantra and this couldn’t be truer. Whilst many complaints are easily treatable, in most cases, these problems can be avoided in the first place. When someone visits an osteopath with back pains after stopping to pick up a pen or a piece of rubbish, this act…
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Using Osteopathy to Prevent the Likelihood of Sports Injuries

28 Aug, 2015

When you hear the term ‘sports injuries’, you might be tempted to think of the type of injuries which professional athletes sustain. However, sports injuries can be picked up by all sorts of people, from amateur runners, gym junkies or those who keep fit to stay healthy. The most common causes of sports injuries include:…
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Top Tips for Keeping Fit during the Winter Months

23 Oct, 2014

When the winter time comes around, it is always harder to stay motivated and keep up an exercise regime when it is much more appealing to stay snuggled up indoors. Many people become stricken by a winter cold and other ailments, preventing them from feeling like exercise, but did you know that keeping active helps…
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