A Quick Guide to Your Osteopathy Consultation

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of osteopathic treatment but would like to find out more, we recommend arranging a osteopathy consultation.

These sessions provide a perfect environment for new patients to familiarise themselves with an experienced osteopathic practitioner, understand the way that osteopathy works and how it can improve issues with pain and posture.

Here we look at the key stages of an osteopathy consultation to help you prepare for your first appointment.


  1. Examination

Once you have met your osteopath you will have the opportunity to discuss the problems you have experienced and detail where you feel these issues may have originated. Based on that initial conversation, your osteopath will perform a brief examination in order to assess your condition and diagnose the symptoms of pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

Because some people find this stage a little daunting, we welcome first-time patients to bring a chaperone along to the consultation, and a towel is always provided.

  1. Diagnosis

Following a physical examination, an osteopath will make a diagnosis of the issues a patient is experiencing and explain the apparent sources of pain or discomfort. They will then suggest a treatment plan suitable for easing these complaints, explaining the recommended osteopathic techniques that can be employed.

At this point, we welcome patients to ask any questions they have before a treatment plan is agreed.

  1. Treatment

If you wish to do so, the first stage of treatment can be performed following diagnosis and agreement of a care plan. Following the first session, an osteopath will advise the patient on exercises and activities such as hydrotherapy that will help with posture and aid relaxation in between sessions.

  1. Organising your next appointment

At the end of your first session you will have the chance to book future appointments as part of your treatment plan. Remember that it is normal to experience some discomfort between each visit as your body adapts to the treatment, although you will soon begin to feel the benefits!


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