Osteopathy and The Common Cold

The common cold is a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract, primarily affecting the nose, throat, sinuses and larynx. At this time of the year, as winter approaches, colds are very common, hence the name “the common cold”. Along with the shorter hours of day light and colder weather, suffering from a cold can leave us feeling lousy - draining our energy levels and bringing on aches and pains.

On average, Adults contract a cold between two and four times a year, whilst children will usually contract a cold between five and ten times a year as their immune system is not as strong.

Whilst osteopaths can’t treat the virus itself, there are things we can do to ease some of the symptoms of a cold.

Coughing and sneezing are frequent symptoms of a cold. These reflexes can lead to a lot of use of the main respiratory muscles, so with frequent coughing or sneezing, our muscles can become sore or even strained. This can result in a tightness in our respiratory muscles, pulling on our rubs and leaving them misaligned, leading to knock-on effects across the body. This is where your osteopath may be able to help you.

Whilst osteopathic treatment cannot do anything to prevent symptoms such as coughing or sneezing, we can work towards relieving the resulting muscular aches, strains and pains. We always look for the root cause of aches and pains, evaluating which areas of the body are contributing to the symptoms.

Osteopaths may use a range of techniques to help ease aches and strains caused by a cold, including muscle stretching, soft tissue massages, joint articulation and joint mobilisation, as well as providing useful advice on diet.

As osteopaths, we aim to help you feel better by:

  • Addressing muscle pain and spasm, as well as reducing joint restrictions in the spine to help align the body and allow the nervous system to function at its best.
  • Stimulate blood circulation to help strengthen the immune system and increase recovery rate.
  • Decrease congestion to help the self-regulating healing processes of your body.

If you are a family member are suffering from the common cold this winter, it may be worthwhile to consider making an appointment with an osteopath. You can contact us at our Halesowen practice by calling 0121 585 8555, or 01902 894 894 to book an appointment at our Wombourne practice.