Osteopathy: Post-Season Benefits for Sportspeople

The competitive season has drawn to a close for most players of popular team sports such as football, rugby and hockey – with focus now switching to preparation for the next campaign.

For those carrying injury or strains after a long season, the summer break provides the perfect opportunity to rest and rehabilitate and overcome recurring injuries and niggles.

Here we list a few ways that osteopathic treatment can help to get you back to full fitness during the post-season and ready for action.

Easing pain

Complaints such as inflamed tendons, shin splints and general aches and pains (particularly in the hamstrings and back) are common place for sportspeople and can have a lasting effect on performance. Osteopathy can be used to stretch and condition the muscles that are causing difficulties, helping to ease the pain by manipulating the soft tissues around the injured area.

Identifying issues

One of the main reasons that osteopathy is so popular amongst sportspeople is that it identifies problems that relate to the muscles, bones and tissues.  This is a broad approach that investigates the issues suffered by a patients and looks to find the wider issues such as posture that can contribute to localised pain or specific complaints.


Musculoskeletal management of a sports injury can play a key role in overcoming problems related to high impact physical activity, and osteopathy can help to do this. The main aim of an osteopath will be to locate the source of an injury and make an assessment on how recovery can be facilitated, out-lining a plan to restore function and a return to comfortable, painless performance.

Injury Prevention

As you prepare for the new season, osteopathy can be used as a preventive measure in order to keep the body in optimum condition and to reduce the risk of future injury. This is achieved by keeping the muscles loose and warm prior to exercise and training and allowing the muscles to relax and cool when an activity is finished.

Find out more about osteopathic treatment

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